Community Update: Did you know City sidewalks must be cleared of snow AND ice?


Did you know City sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice?

The sporadic snowfalls & thaw events we receive affirms that, “Well … it is Wisconsin!” It also reminds us that, as City residents, we must help ensure the safety of our fellow citizens by doing our best to keep public walkways free of snow and ice.

Our City Ordinance 6.15 states: “It shall be the property owner’s duty to remove snow and ice from sidewalks that are located in the street right-of-way which abuts an owner’s property within 24 hours from the end of each weather event. A weather event shall mean: any weather condition that causes a sidewalk to be partially or fully covered in snow or ice regardless of depth.  It’s also unlawful to push or deposit snow from their personal driveway or parking lot into public streets or alleys.”  

The Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department is asking for residents to help keep ice and snow cleared around fire-hydrants.

You can also do your part to help your neighbors by clearing snow and ice away from a fire-hydrant near your property incase a fire would occur in your neighborhood.

Also, through the winter season, Public Works staff will be working in cooperation with the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department to monitor streets and focus on keeping the major roads in reasonable winter driving conditions.  If a Snow Emergency takes place you can find information on our City website, Facebook page and Community Media sites.

Let each of us do our part by keeping our roads in safe winter driving conditions and you can do the same with our walkways to help make this winter as danger-free as possible for all.

Thank you for reading.

Mayor Zach Vruwink