Community Update: Holiday Greetings; Share favorite Holiday light displays



Holiday Greetings

Once again, we approach that time of year when we strengthen and renew cherished ties with family, neighbors and friends. As we share the joy of glad tidings, we also experience the sense of fulfillment that comes from heartfelt generosity.

Click on the image to learn more about the plans for an Aquatic Center in Wisconsin Rapids.

Click on the image above to make your donation for a new Aquatic Center in Wisconsin Rapids.

 Our appreciation for the season grows when we consider the many voluntary gifts of time, caring and support that selfless individuals render to build and strengthen our community throughout the year.After a year in which the active engagement of local residents has helped us to make tremendous strides in revitalizing our community, I urge you to remain involved. One outstanding way to contribute to the ongoing spirit of support is by making a tax-deductible investment in your community – namely, the Wisconsin Rapids Aquatic Center. Buoyed by the impact of each and every donation, we can make the dream of a world-class, regional facility a reality in 2019.

I am proud of the culture of giving that the City of Wisconsin Rapids has always reflected. As we nurture and sustain that tradition, I wish for each one of you a festive and cheerful holiday season.

Mark and find your favorite holiday lighting displays around the area with our SeeClickFix App. Click on the image to download the App, or use this link:

And if you’re looking for holiday lighting displays around town this holiday season, download the SeeClickFix app and check out the Rapids Pride section to locate and share your favorite holiday light displays.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink




Community Update: “Did You Know … ?” City Ordinance Enforcement Tip & Northern Steel Castings Statement



“Did You Know … ?” City Ordinance Enforcement Tip

Photo by Jesse Austin/WRCM
Vehicles can’t be parked on the grass by City ordinance.

Did you know … the City of Wisconsin Rapids has a Municipal Code section that deals with the parking of vehicles, trailers, and recreational vehicles?

Find out more, by visiting Chapter 11 in the ordinances section on the City website. 

This is one of a series of City ordinance updates I’ll be highlighting on a monthly basis throughout 2017. It’s designed to encourage all citizens to do what we can to help our Code Enforcement personnel protect the health, welfare and safety of our citizens.

If you have questions about this or other Municipal Codes, please contact your Wisconsin Rapids Code Enforcement Officer Ray Starks at 715-421-8229 or 715-421-8228.

SeeClickFix is available on a smartphone or a computer desktop to help citizens report issues within the city of Wisconsin Rapids.

In addition, I urge you to put SeeClickFix at your fingertips. This app offers a quick and easy way to report and track City response to possible ordinance-violations through online and mobile download. View the app in action, here. Be part of the solution!



Statement on Northern Steel Castings

Early this week unwelcome news broke related to the business operations of Northern Steel Castings. In December, a fire occurred at their Goggins Street, near Rapids Mall, facility. That situation had a serious negative impact to their business. Since then, they have performed extensive cleanup work and have restored electric and gas utilities to normal operation. Unfortunately, the impact sustained was substantial, and their employees were notified last week that the facility would not return to full operation.

Our thoughts go out to the 40 individuals and families who have been affected since the fire and the most recent determination to cease operations. I issued a statement to clarify facts surrounding the information contained in reports. Read here.

Growing our economy is a constant priority. Setbacks like these are tough to swallow. Nationally, the steel industry remains challenged and that includes operations such as those casters and foundry operators such as Northern Steel. I hope the new Administration continues to make good on their word to support American made industries and that includes those here.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink