Community Update: America Recycles Day encourages action for a sustainable future



America Recycles Day encourages action for a sustainable future

As Mayor of Wisconsin Rapids, I am asking City residents to join me and millions of Americans throughout the country, today and throughout the year, by actively participating in America Recycles Day

Click on the graphic to download and print a poster for your home.

America Recycles Day is an annual celebration of the many ways all of us can improve recycling habits and help keep our environment clean, safe and sustainable. This year’s theme is #BeRecycled, #BuyRecycled. The focus is that we all do our part to deliver a cleaner stream of recyclables, to encourage local industries to use recyclable materials and recycled content materials when producing their products.

I am proud that Wisconsin Rapids citizens have already demonstrated their commitment to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Since the introduction of our single stream recyclable collection process during 2017, we have seen a dramatic surge in total recycling tonnage. Through September of this year, we collected 856 tons, well above the 616 tons collected during the same reporting period in 2016. That’s a 39 percent increase! We have more room to grow- be sure to consider all the recyclable materials that you utilize. Check out this infographic link to learn more about what is recyclable.

Consider these other points:

  • The City collects around 1.68 million lbs of curbside recyclable materials annually.
  • The City recycles approximately 8 million lbs of wastewater solids into exceptional quality class A sludge.
  • City collects around 16 million lbs of yard waste every year, which is recycled into compost.
  • All of that added together is massively overshadowed by the 68.4 million lbs of concrete annually the City collects, recycles, and reuses for base coarse on street and infrastructure projects.
  • And all of that is minuscule compared to the 9.2 billion lbs of water recycled annually through the wastewater treatment plant and returned to the environment.

All in all, the City of Wisconsin Rapids recycles around TEN BILLION pounds of materials every year.  Amazingly, every single pound of solid material is handled at least once by City staff – and some 4 or more times.

Together, let us continue to make ours a community that respects and protects the value of our natural assets, for the benefit of residents today and in the future.

So, take the pledge.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink



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