Single-Stream Recycling, Christmas Tree and Brush Pickup begin Monday, Honor Crossing Guards During Recognition Week January 16-20



Single-Stream Recycling Begins in Most Neighborhoods on Monday

img_0228The anticipated changes to our recycling program go into effect in most City neighborhoods next Monday, January 9! Now, residents will be able to conveniently co-mingle all recyclable items inside the new, single-stream recycling carts. The recycling collection will remain on a bi-weekly schedule with collection day remaining the same. We will analyze our efficiency as the service launches before any further changes come into effect. See Tribune article here.

Due to challenges in arriving at an accurate count of img_0235carts, implementation of the program will be delayed for the Tuesday Westside recycling route. We anticipate that the carts will be delivered within the next two months. Until then, residents along this route should leave their recyclables at the curb, where they will be picked up the present, traditional way. The recycling collection will remain on a bi-weekly schedule on your normal day.

For additional information, please access the City’s website at, call the Garage at 715-421-8218 or watch this video, here or clicking on the image below.


The new single-stream recycling program will greatly aid in our City’s effort to collect recyclables in a safer, efficient, cost effective manner, and help to ensure greater diversion from landfills, a sustainable and greener future for our community.

Christmas Tree and Brush Pickup

treepickupIn order to maintain quality of life in our City’s neighborhoods & valued service, Street Department crews will be picking up Christmas Trees and brush during the week of January 9-13.

  • Christmas tree pickup: You can place your tree out on the curb starting this Sunday, January 8. Trees should not be bagged, and the cut end must be facing toward the street. Please make sure your tree is clean of decoration, lighting and skirts.
  • Brush pickup: To assist crews, neatly pile your brush by Monday morning, to a size of four feet high, six feet wide and 10 feet long. Piles that exceed size and chipping time limits will be left as a property owner responsibility and expense.

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-11-20-02-amPlease note: Crews will make only one trip through the city during the scheduled week and will not repeat brush collection until February. Brush piles left by the City following next week’s collection schedule will be considered in violation of City ordinance and may result in enforcement action.

Let’s work together with City Street Department crews to make this process as safe and efficient as possible!

Honor Crossing Guards During Recognition Week January 16-20

CrossingguardEach day, dedicated adult crossing guards across Wisconsin show up at their assigned crossings to assist students in their journeys to or from school. I invite and encourage you to show your appreciation for these selfless individuals, during Wisconsin Adult Crossing Guard Recognition Week, January 16-20.

In addition to simply saying “Thank you,” as a parent, teacher and/or school administrator, you can more actively celebrate this observance by drawing from a number of special-activity ideas, here.

These ideas can help stimulate your creativity in determining how your school, students, parent organizations and community might show your recognition of, and appreciation for, the adults who serve as crossing guards in your area. Electronic versions of the 2017 Crossing Guard Recognition poster also are available for local printing.

Please take this opportunity to recognize the contributions adult school crossing guards make to the safety of our young ones as they travel to and from school.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink



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