Community Update – Public Pool/Recreation Options Update, Candidates Wanted for Mayoral Appointments



Public Pool Survey/Recreation Options Update, Candidates Wanted for Mayoral Appointments

Public Pool/Recreation Options Update

For nearly a century, recreational aquatics has been woven into the fabric of Wisconsin Rapids life. From the East Side Pool, built in the early 1900s, to Mead Pool, constructed during the 1970s, the City has provided residents and visitors with a form of safe and healthy fun.

snorkel daze searchDuring the first three months of this year, the City conducted a survey about potential aquatic options in Wisconsin Rapids. The survey consisted of questions developed as a result of focus groups discussions with citizens throughout the community regarding a variety of aquatics options, along with the costs residents would be willing to undertake. We have been gratified by your willingness to provide feedback, because such collaboration is vital to making quality aquatics a reality.

The City and its consultants will soon share the results of the aquatics survey during a public forum, where we encourage resident participation in providing additional input.

In the meantime, we’ve also considered other recreational alternatives as a short-term option and those long-range options, including:

  • For 2016- Utilizing already-budgeted resources to fund an Urban day-camp for youngsters ages 6 to 12, in collaboration with South Wood County YMCA and Mead Charter Elementary School. Without a pool this summer, some youth are left with few or no alternatives for the time that would be spent at the pool.
  • Beyond 2016- Considering potential sites, features and amenities of an outdoor aquatics facility and/or Partnering with the YMCA on a project that would allow public access to a proposed indoor facility.

Finance and Property  4-6-16

In addition, at last week’s April 6 meeting, the Wisconsin Rapids City Council’s Finance & Property Committee granted the City approval to solicit proposals for conceptual design services related to an outdoor aquatics facility. This would allow us to put together budget figures & conceptual design on various alternatives, estimated at between $5,000 and $15,000. The time frame for receiving preliminary plans would be tight, in the hope of getting these concepts out for consideration within six to eight weeks.

Recognizing the importance of community input, we would also want to have these alternatives available for residents to review and express their preferences, most likely at a community forum to be held in early May.  The Mayor’s Youth Council will also be surveying middle and high-school students regarding their opinions on aquatics.

Our community is at a crossroads in terms of deciding how much we wish to invest in a solution that is economically feasible; makes our community an attractive and welcoming environment for new residents and businesses; and contributes to the health and well being of our citizens, both now and in the future. Coming together to invest in our quality of life is an integral part of our economic development.

Armed with public support, the Wisconsin Rapids City Council and I continue our commitment to pursue a sustainable solution to our aquatics needs.

 Candidates Wanted for Mayoral Appointments

I extend a warm and personal “Thank You” to all the Wisconsin Rapids-area citizens who turned out in such large numbers on April 5 to exercise their right to vote. This precious privilege is a hallmark of citizen participation in local government.

Serving as part of a governmental board or commission offers another avenue for displaying your active role in helping to shape a better community.

As your mayor, I truly appreciate residents who apply for and accept appointment to boards, commissions and committees. The deliberations and decisions of these bodies impact the City to a significant extent. By serving in such a capacity, you can make a mark, both now and for generations to come.Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.37.41 AMAt our City website, you can find a complete list of boards and commissions that offer opportunities for you to have an influence.

Take a look, send me a note with a resume or information about yourself with your interests … and get involved!

Thank you for reading.

Mayor Zach Vruwink



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