Community Update – City Action with the Tribune Building Project, Mayor’s Councils on Youth and Sustainability, and 2015 State of the City Address



Launching of Mayor’s Youth Council

Over the past few weeks, my office, with the support of individuals in our community, have been hard at work preparing for the launch of a Mayor’s Youth Council.  The Mayor’s Youth Council is a newly forming council that gives area youth an opportunity to be civically engaged and participate in efforts, including policy development, service, and recreation. The launch video can be viewed by visiting this link.

Too often, young people are inadvertently excluded from the decision-making process, even on the issues that most concern them and their future.  It is important for our community that youth have a meaningful chance to affect change. Youth Councils have proven to be an effective way to get youth more involved in solving local problems and more actively engaged in the community, outside of school time.

Now having received applications from over 30 youth in our community, acceptance letters have been sent out.  Our first meeting will be taking place this week.  I look forward to sharing the group’s progress in future Community Updates.

Commitment to Sustainability

Over the past two months, myself, members of the community and City Staff have been meeting regularly in anticipation of a forming Mayor’s Council on Sustainability.  At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, an important step occurred in ensuring continued sustainable practices for our community.  The Council, through adoption of a resolution, renewed the City’s commitment to sustainability and formally set in motion continued and improved sustainable practices for our community.

In my 2014 State of the City Address, I announced the intent to create a Mayor’s Council on Sustainability. The re-formation of a city Sustainability Committee marks a major effort and continuation in our city’s journey to greater Sustainability as it relates to consumption of resources (energy, water) and its environmental impact (recycling, emissions, etc.).

With the now adopted resolution and upcoming launch of a Sustainability Council this February, a significant opportunity exists for the city to begin examining our practices, to positively impact our City’s health and environment today, and for future generations. I look forward to measurable improvements to reduce consumption, expand reuse and recycling, improve efficiency of buildings and transportation, enhance community wellness, and preserve our living environment for all those who live here.  Watch for a formal announcement of our first Sustainability Council meeting, and if you have an interest in joining, please contact my office to be added to the contact list.

Tribune Building Action

Last Tuesday, City Council voted to approve a proposed developer’s agreement with Community Property, Inc. related to the Tribune Building Project.  One aspect of that agreement was the sale of the Market Square parking lot, to meet the city parking requirement for the development.  As such, the Market Square parking lot became a connected solution to that problem.  The parking lot sale wasn’t without commitments from the developer.  Those commitments include maintenance and reconstruction of the parking lot, guaranteed annual payments to the City to support ongoing Tax Increment Finance (TIF) developments, and a reversionary interest to ensure the space remains a parking lot going forward.

Tribune-in-Spring-w-Hopa-treeThe concept behind the Tribune project and waterfront redevelopment is not new.  From past planning and investment by residents, administrations and city councils over the past three decades, many have participated in planning through multiple downtown redevelopment plans. Now, after decades of planning, the stars are aligned for action.  It is my hope that the City continue to partner with other property owners in determining the best and highest reuse/development- not only adjacent and near the Tribune building but all across our waterfront district.  Around the City- particularly downtown along the waterfront- we have many remaining structures and buildings, some vacant, blighted or contaminated. It is my hope that the Tribune Building Project is just the beginning to putting these ‘bones’ to good use.

I have been impressed throughout this project and recent downtown development conversations by Tribune Building Drawingthe energy and enthusiasm of our residents.  Their energy around our City’s future is inspiring on many levels and has in many ways been absent in our community for too long.  I am pleased the Council has supported moving forward with property acquisition to support development on the east side of the river.  Council’s support of the sale of the Market Square parking lot with the aforementioned commitments is a solid way to support development on the west side of the river without the expenditure of city funds.  I very much look forward to the attraction of millions of dollars of investment into the redevelopment, and hope to one day say how proud I am that the city believed in the potential that once was.

Coffee With the Mayor

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 27, I invite you to join me at From the Ground Up Coffeehouse, 250 West Grand Avenue, from 8:30-9:30AM for my next coffee session.   All are welcome to join me to ask questions and provide me feedback. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet and have conversation.  Spread the word to friends and neighbors!

2015 State of the City Announcement

[2015] state of the city postcardI will be holding my third-annual State of the City address on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.  This year’s State of the City will take place at McMillan Memorial Library, with a pre-address reception taking place at 6:30PM, and remarks beginning at 7:00PM.  A video highlighting details can be viewed here.

I look forward to highlighting the initiatives my office has been working on, and introducing a vision that provides the basis for priorities during the upcoming year.  RSVP is recommended.  You can RSVP online at this link, or contacting my office directly by calling 715-421-8216.  I look forward to seeing you there!  For those who can not attend, the address will also be broadcast live on RCCA’s website, or on Solarus channel 3/Charter channel 985.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink



A Friendly Challenge from Bonney Lake on This Weekend’s NFC Championship Game


NFC ChampionshipThis morning, I received a friendly challenge from Mayor Neil Johnson Jr. of Bonney Lake, Washington for this weekend’s NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

If the Green Bay Packers win this weekend, Mayor Johnson offered up items from Washington including a wine basket, Starbucks coffee, Fisher scones and a berry plant voucher from Spooner Farms.  Feeling confident the green and gold are poised to claim victory this Sunday, I offered Booney Lake fresh Dairy State cheese, Craisins from the Ocean Spray facility in Wisconsin Rapids, ?????????????????Rubi Reds Cranberry Salsa (product of Mariani Packing Co.), cranberry juice, and Verso paper.

I look forward to this weekend’s game and cheering the Packers on, as they get one step closer to bringing a fifth Vince Lombardi Trophy home to “Titletown, USA!”

A press release from my office can be found here.

Community Update – Local Paper Company Transactions, Crossing Guard Appreciation, and State of the City



Completion of Verso/Catalyst Transactions

Last Thursday, two transactions involving our local paper companies came to resolution.  The Wisconsin Rapids operations, formerly owned by NewPage Corp, officially joined Verso Corporation.  Immediately prior to Verso’s acquisition of NewPage, NewPage divested its Biron papermill to Catalyst Paper Operations, to comply with Verso acquisition antitrust requirements.

VersoThe plans for Verso to purchase NewPage were originally announced almost a year ago, to the date, in January 2014.  With last week’s announcement, change, as we’ve grown more accustomed to through recent acquisitions, will continue to be apart of our future. We will again welcome new company names to our community’s manufacturing sector. What won’t change will be our support for the employees (over Catalyst1,700 of them), company leadership and optimism for a strong local future. As paper production continues to evolve for each, diversification of operations looks to be critical to their success. In many respects, the same is true for our local economy and each company will have unique strengths, as does our community.

To all directly (or indirectly) employed by one of our local paper manufacturers or supporting companies, know that the city will continue to communicate and assist in any way we can. Regardless of our professional affiliation, we must all continue to advocate to our federal representatives for fair trade practices to ensure our American production can effectively compete against international competitors.

There is no doubt papermaking, alongside much of the manufacturing sector, has endured much in the past decade and a half. Wisconsin still remains the Papermaking State; facing strong headwinds of international competition- and the substitution of digital will continue to challenge the industry. It is my hope the hard work and commitment to excellence of employees, and the forward looking management team from each company will ensure a future for our local mills.  Copies of press releases related to last week’s mergers can be found here: (Verso, Catalyst).

Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week

Crossing GuardThis week, please join me in bringing special attention and recognition to the dedicated adult crossing guards in our communities.  Crossing guards play a vital role in facilitating a safe route to and from the schools for children in our community.  As recent weeks have reminded us, the winter can often be very unforgiving with subzero temperatures- yet crossing guards in communities across Wisconsin faithfully attend their intersections to ensure the safe crossing of our community’s school children.

Please take a moment this week and tell an adult crossing guard how much you appreciate their service- even if it is just a friendly wave.

Coffee With the Mayor

On Tuesday, January 27,, I invite you to join me at From the Ground Up Coffeehouse, 250 West Grand Avenue, from 8:30-9:30AM for my next coffee session.   All are welcome to join me to ask questions and provide me feedback. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet and have conversation.  Spread the word to friends and neighbors!

2015 State of the City Address – Save the Date

I will be holding my third-annual State of the City address on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.  This year’s State of the City will take place at McMillan Memorial Library, with a pre-address reception taking place at 6:30PM, and remarks beginning at 7:00PM.  I look forward to highlighting the initiatives my office has been working on, and introducing a vision that provides the basis for priorities during the upcoming year.  More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Happy New Year! Employee Service Milestones and 2014 lookback



Happy New Year!

As the calendar turns from 2014 to 2015, we reflect back upon this past year’s notable events and milestones. One such acknowledgement is that of our public employees who serve our community daily. In 2014, the City of Wisconsin Rapids recognized a number of significant employee service milestones. The following is a list of those employees who have worked more than 25 years with the City and celebrated 25, 30, 35 and 40 year anniversaries in 2014:

  • David Batten (25 years)
  • Donald (Jay) Bemke (30 years)
  • Sharon Borchert (35 years)
  • James Borski (30 years)
  • Tammy Florence (35 years)
  • Randall Jahns (25 years)
  • David Kerkman, Jr. (25 years)Dave Laspa Council
  • Michael Kruger (30 years)
  • Greg Luke (25 years)
  • Yvonne Mason (25 years)
  • James Neitzel (35 years)
  • Janice Oleson (40 years)
  • Bruce Schoff (25 years)
  • Duane Skibba (25 years)
  • Nancy Turba (35 years)
  • Darnell Tyjeski (30 years)

imageIn addition to recognizing the above employees for their service, we recognized outgoing City Engineer Dave Laspa as he retired after 36 years of service.  His roundabout cake was a fitting gesture. On behalf of the city- residents and co-workers- thank you for your service and best wishes Dave! 

New Years Wishes

As we look forward to the beginning of the new year, I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect, at least briefly on a few of our accomplishments of the past year. In many ways, I believe it was the year of You, our residents.

2014 in Wisconsin Rapids was a productive year as we continue to take steps forward to improve. Internally, we continue to analyze, take new and innovative approaches to how we do business to ensure the City’s ability to provide the services our residents expect into the future. Our City’s leadership took notable steps forward with initiatives to improve our operations and equally as important to improve the quality of life that is our own. Already this year, we’ve taken strides in this approach, through the development of a GIS system, the upcoming launch of our GrowRapids portal, and our operational efficiency initiative- Rapid Improvement. We’ve begun to “Open Government”- by establishing a system of public participation and collaboration, based on technology, to strengthen and promote efficiency and effectiveness in government.

In addition to improving the way we do business, 2014 also saw increased opportunities for IMG_0420involvement in government. Our city’s physical image is improving.  Last year, we formed a Mayor’s Council on Beautification, which, through efforts like the flowering basket program and various planting events, successfully transformed areas of our City into bright and colorful exhibits.  Key to this success has been, and will continue to be the involvement of our citizens and the development of the relationships we have with our local and regional partners, including surrounding municipalities and county government.  In the coming year, I look forward to expanding on our current initiatives, and introducing others, including a Mayor’s Council on Youth, Sustainability and more.  Further, opportunities to serve as a Mayoral Appointee on various boards and commissions continue. With all that our City has accomplished, I am confident that calendar year 2015 will bring even more significant success!

happy new year 2015I look forward to new beginnings and to the formation of deeper and new partnerships as we face the challenges that 2015 will most certainly bring. With effective leadership, stronger partnerships, and an involved community, the City of Wisconsin Rapids will continue down a path of greater health, in all various forms.

Here’s wishing you and all of your families a health, prosperous and enjoyable New Year! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Mayor Zach Vruwink