Community Update – Mayor’s Innovation Project, Safe Routes to School, and Street Work



Mayor’s Innovation Project

Last Thursday and Friday, I joined city leaders committed to developing high level policy, shared prosperity, and efficient government approaches for the Mayor’s Innovation Project-Summer 3Meeting in Chapel Hill, NC.  Based in Madison, MIP was founded in 2005 with the goal of bringing Mayors together to foster an ideas exchange on common problems and solutions, while also providing sound strategies and effective tools to address issues in innovative and inclusive ways. Last week’s sessions included discussions on entrepreneurial incubation/acceleration, community investments in healthcare research and facilitating meaningful civic engagement in our community.  Details of several of the breakout sessions follow:


One of two Business Incubator and Accelerators we visited.

1) Fostering Entrepreneurship – in today’s economy, many cities are turning to entrepreneurs and high-growth startups to accelerate economic development.  In conversations with other municipalities and two visits to entrepreneurial spaces, the consensus we had was that entrepreneurs are looking for places that have innovative markets, a good quality of life and monetary/community incentives.  From these conversations, I am proud of the progress Wisconsin Rapids is making in positioning ourselves to better meet entrepreneurial needs for incubation and acceleration.  Just this year at my State of the City Address, I announced the future development of the GrowRapids web portal – a solution that seeks to provide information to budding entrepreneurs on market information, community resources and incentives available.  Additionally, I pledged to Get our Businesses Online, by partnering with Google to provide website resources, free of cost, to our community’s small businesses.  In relation to quality of life, I spoke to the need to further invest in our City parks and increasing the quality of our city’s public spaces offerings, as it is directly tied to the attraction of young adults/families, not to mention, increasing the quality of life for all residents.  These are a great start, but there is more work that can be done. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are important to achieving greater economic prosperity; I will continue to develop solutions to improve our current processes and better respond to their needs.  To learn more about the importance of finding additional ways for Cities to foster entrepreneurship, additional resources can be accessed here.

2) Increasing Wellness and Lifestyle Behavior Changes – Many conditions in our communities have a direct impact on residents’ ability to lead a healthy life.  Communities that have access to vital resources such as recreational facilities, healthy foods, medical services, safe neighborhoods and quality educational services often result in better health outcomes for those living in and around those areas.  With the goal of increasing wellness and lifestyle behaviors, this session examined what communities throughout the nation are learning as changing conditions resulting from health care reform occurs and new opportunities arise for investment in healthcare.  I was proud to share information about the collaborative partnership taking place here between the John E. Alexander YMCA and Riverview Hospital.  The potential stemming from this announcement, both for expanded offerings for Riverview and services for the City, are significant.  Our community also has taken large steps for encouraging healthy lifestyles through promoting biking with a bike-share program, as well as encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle habits through Get Active Wood County.  We visited UNC’s Medical Center where discussions were had on promoting workplace wellness for our City’s, as an employer, and our local small businesses. The local Chamber of Commerce shared a partnership with a local hospital where a program was created to offer medical and dental services to the area’s small employers. It was informative to hear some of the best practices that other Mayor’s brought to the discussion on how cities work with citizen-led groups to increase the community’s wellness.  I will continue to work with our local groups to implement some of those ideas and increase the health and well-being of our residents.

3) Facilitating Meaningful Civic Engagement – With the changing technological landscape in today’s society, computers and smartphones allow people to connect with information at any time instantly.  As a result, citizen’s expectations for how quickly they can connect with their government and receive vital services has also changed.  To adapt to these expectations, Cities across the country are being met with finding new ways of doing business and improving citizen access and participation.  The discussion last week was inspiring, as Mayors in attendance explained what best practices their municipalities have in place, and explored new opportunities for furthering their reach.  Just recently, I spoke of the upcoming GIS webpage being worked on inside the City that will allow for accessing information, available 24-7, by residents. The page aims to provide answers to frequently asked questions, or information on road construction, brush pickup schedules and even locations of parks.  Further, through the Rapid Improvement initiative started just over a year ago, projects are being worked on that provide information to residents more quickly and will also allow for resident and business-feedback to help improve important City functions such as ordnance control and business inspections.  From our conversations last week, it is clear that while information is important, we stop short of Launch_IMG_5318true engagement when all we seek to do is inform people about what is happening in the community.  There are also opportunities to consult with the public, collaborate with citizens in finding innovative solutions to problems, and involve the public through committees or council meetings.  I firmly believe that all local governments need a long-term engagement plan that is not crisis-driven.  Instead of waiting for a problem to arise that needs a solution, we must find a way to engage the public to provide input and improve our community proactively.  This concept is one that I’m encouraging through the formation of Mayor’s Councils on Beautification, Youth and Sustainability.  The goal of the group is not only to “fix” what is in disrepair or an imminent problem in our community, but also to proactively identify improvement areas and develop a plan for addressing these opportunities- be it planting trees around our community or finding sustainable waste and refuse collection practices within our City.  Soon, we will be kicking off the Mayor’s Council on Sustainability.  More details will follow in future community updates and communications.  Great examples of community engagement in various communities can be found here.

Events such as the Mayor’s Innovation Project- by bringing municipal leaders from all over the country together- better establish creative solutions to real-world problems cities like ours face on a daily basis.  It was beneficial to take part in the many conversations with Mayor’s on these very important topics.  Further, it was encouraging to see that Wisconsin Rapids is on the right track in addressing some of the important topics facing all municipalities today.

Safe Routes to School – Planned Safety Improvements

With school starting next week, the safety of our City’s youngest residents as they make their way back to classes is once again at the forefront.  Earlier this year, the City of Wisconsin Rapids received a federal grant of $221,000 for the Safe Routes to Schools Program.  With that money, planned projects include:

1) Replacing the amber flashing pedestrian signals with overhead flashing signals

2) Installing a raised pedestrian island in the center of 8th Street S. and Grove Ave.

3) Painting “ladder” pattern crosswalks at the intersections of 8th St. S. and Pepper Ave, Lincoln St. and Clyde Ave, Lincoln St. and Grove Ave., and Lincoln St. and Airport Ave.

Finally, there are three sidewalk installation projects planned:

1) On the south side of Clyde Ave., from Lincoln St. to Port St.

2) On both sides of Washington St. from 54 to 28th St. North

3) On both sides of 28th Street North from Washington Street to Washington School

Since these projects are federally funded through the grant, construction for these projects is scheduled to begin in late October.  I look forward to seeing the improved safety measures for our City’s children and young adults to get to school safely.

Citywide Chip Sealing Begins

chipSealingNewStarting this week, weather permitting, you will begin seeing City crews sealcoating roads throughout the City.  Sealcoating, or “Chip Sealing” is part of asphalt pavement maintenance designed to extend pavement life of our streets and provide a good driving surface.  The common lifespan for an asphalt street in Wisconsin is 30 years.  With regular maintenance of streets through sealing (performed on streets every 7-12 years, depending on traffic usage) we can prolong the life of streets by as much as 30 years, essentially doubling the life of our City’s asphalt streets.

The sealcoating process requires the application of loose gravel which stays on the road’s surface for several days before being removed.  Locations for sealcoating include:

1) 1st St. S. from E. Riverview Expressway to Two Mile Ave.

2) Lincoln St. from Grove Ave. to Airport Ave.

3) Airport Ave. from 8th St. S. to 16th St. S.

4) Baker St. from 8th St. S. to 15th St., S.

Motorists are asked to please use caution when near and around the street department workers and equipment during this process so everyone is safe.

Fallen Rapids Native

Last week, our nation mourned the loss of Rapids-native Matthew Leggett, who died in the line of duty in Afghanistan, his third deployment to a combat zone.

Sgt. Leggett was a decorated soldier, with numerous awards including a Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart.  Sgt. Leggett’s death is a reminder of the ultimate sacrifices people are willing to make to keep our country safe.  Our nation is safer due to Matthew Leggett and all our military’s contributions. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink



Community Update – YMCA/Riverview Announcement, Veterans Care Ribbon Cutting, and Kickstart Your Heart



YMCA/Riverview Announcement

43.YMCARiverviewLast week, Wisconsin Rapids received exciting news.  At a media conference held last Wednesday, Riverview Hospital Association and John E. Alexander YMCA announced a mutual letter of intent to collaborate on the construction and operation of a new YMCA facility in Wisconsin Rapids.  Proposed to be located on land donated by Riverview, the facility will be designed to address a wide range of community health and wellness needs as well as an expansion of Riverview’s services.

The announcement is great news for the City.  Not only is it wonderful to have two community-minded organizations creatively coming together to improve our community’s health and well-being- the announcement paves the way to positively impact our city and it’s future.

Further, a facility like that announced last week provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our DSC_0006 smallcommunity economically through attracting and retaining young adults and families.  As the City competes for business and talent, a recurring question I hear is what can Wisconsin Rapids offer prospective talent by way of where they spend their time when not at work.  As our city works to create a healthy demographic balance, the announced facility and partnership can play an integral part in that vision.  The facility can serve as a place to nurture the potential of children and families through youth development, while helping to improve the health and well-being of residents in our community!

Although the announcement was an exciting step for the future of aquatics in our area, there is still much work  to be done.  In the near future, the City of Wisconsin Rapids will need to consider if and how a collaborative approach to solving our aquatics challenges is practical.  To aid in this decision, an ad hoc committee will be formed, consisting of residents, city officials and businesses.  The committee’s focus will be on quantifying existing pool usage, understanding the significant maintenance and operational challenges of our current pool, and considering how to engage residents in dealing with aquatics in our community.   As we progress on these fronts, more details will be shared.

It is indeed an exciting time for our community.  I am hopeful this is the first of many collaborative efforts to make our community stronger.  To read my reaction to the announcement, click here.

Walk-Around Wednesdays

A fitting location to last Wednesday’s Riverview/YMCA announcement, the Daily Tribune Media Staff will be hosting their next “Walk-Around Wednesday” location at Riverview Medical Center this Wednesday, August 20 at 12:15PM.  Each week, participants meet and walk at different locations- Last week we walked along West Grand Avenue to Veterans Park with the week before starting at the Tribune Building.  The goal of these sessions is to connect with others in the community, and have casual conversations while getting some exercise.  For more details on Walk-Around Wednesdays, see the Tribune’s write-up here.

Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Last week, I joined area leaders at in Tomah to celebrate a ribbon cutting at the Veterans Affairs Medical photo 1
Center.  The ceremony formally marked the center’s opening of two ‘Green Houses,’ that will provide a new and innovative approach for Veterans residing in the skilled-care setting.  The ‘Green House’ concept provides a full range of personal care and clinical services, while giving priority to quality of life, and security in a real-home setting.

photo 3The Tomah VA Medical Center and its outpatient clinics provide care to more than 27,000 Veterans in Wisconsin each year.  In addition to the VA’s main facility in Tomah, outpatient clinics are located throughout Wisconsin, with one location in Wisconsin Rapids connected to the Rapids Mall.  Last week’s event was an excellent opportunity to visit our region’s main VA location and learn more about the services they provide to our area’s veterans.  Find more information on the ribbon cutting as well as the ‘Green House’ concept by visiting this link.

Kickstart Your Heart

Last Saturday, I joined area leaders and business sponsors for the Kickstart Your Heart fundraising event at IMG_2745Witter Field.  The event sought to promote heart-healthy lifestyles and raise awareness for heart disease by providing aid to area organizations with tools to assist in procuring the equipment necessary for resuscitating children.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in the United States, claiming approximately 1 million lives annually.  The event had a kickball tournament, live music and I supported the event by being a target in the dunk tank.

Funds raised from the event support the purchase of pediatric defibrillators for non-profit organizations in our area.  From funds raised, there are plans to fill up to 10 requests from organizations who have applied for the devices. Even with the COLD water, I was happy to get dunked and help raise awareness for this important cause.

Monthly Radio Show

BjGUgE3CQAA2wArEvery month on the third Wednesday, typically following our monthly City Council meeting, I join Carl Hilke on WFHR. The show allows me to update listeners on issues facing the city. Additionally, I take calls on air. The show is from 10:00AM-11:00AM. Listen on air at AM 1320 or online.  You can also view past recordings of the radio show by visiting RCCA Media’s YouTube page.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Riverview and YMCA Announce Intent to build a new Wisconsin Rapids YMCA


It’s an exciting moment for Wisconsin Rapids!

Today, the Riverview Hospital Association and John E. Riverview CEO announces projectAlexander YMCA announced a mutual letter of intent to collaborate on the construction and operation of a new YMCA facility in Wisconsin Rapids. Proposed to be located on land donated by Riverview, the facility will be designed to address a wide range of community health and wellness needs as well as an expansion of Riverview’s services.  A video of the press conference can be viewed by visiting this link.

What Does This Mean To Our Community?

Collaborating to meet community needs is essential. It is wonderful to have two community-minded organizations creatively come together to improve our community’s health and well-being.  Not only can more be done DSC_0029with limited resources, leveraging synergies between entities is being better stewards of those resources.

The location and connection to the Riverview Medical Center will support a new dimension of medical care- wellness. As health care delivery continues to evolve and change, keeping people well is just as important as treating people when they get sick.

The location will not only strengthen the neighborhood surrounding Riverview but our entire community. It will also connect with our neighboring river recreational trails as well as pedestrian and new bicycle accommodations. Recreation is a top priority as was identified in the 2012 Community wide survey by Incourage of greater Wisconsin Rapids area residents. The neighboring natural asset, our river, will become an even greater attraction as new recreational uses are explored.

The facility will strengthen us economically. As we compete for businesses and talent, a recurring question is where people will spend their time when not at work. The facility will not only result in construction jobs and work for local contractors, but will DSC_2950 copycompliment the efforts of those looking to attract and retain jobs for people here.

Opportunities to attract and retain young adults/families. As we work to create a healthy demographic balance, this facility and partnership play an integral role in that vision. The announced facility is more than just a building; it will serve as a place to nurture the potential of children and families through youth development, while helping to improve the health and well-being of all our people.

This announcement is an important milestone for our community. Much work and support will be needed as this project proceeds.

What does this mean to the City?

One specific component planned for the facility is aquatics. Aquatic facilities have been an essential part of the Wisconsin Rapids community and culture for over 100 years.  As far back as the original “River Water Pool,” where our first municipal pool was established in 1913, to our current Mead Pool, our community has provided aquatics facilities to all our residents.

More recently, I spoke of the need for finding solutions to the challenges the City was faced with our aquatics at my State of the City Address.  At the event, I spoke on the current state of Mead Pool – now 36 years old and pushing the expected life for a pool of its kind in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Rapids reaction to new YMCA announcement by Mayor Zach Vruwink With the pool reaching the end of its life expectancy, and costs to repair now far exceeding reasonable costs, I called for the need to find a more long-term, permanent solution for our aquatic needs- one that is sustainable and demonstrates fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer and its contributors.

Next week, our city council will consider a resolution renewing our commitment to aquatics offerings for all our residents. An ad-hoc committee will be formed to quantify existing pool usage, understand the significant maintenance and operational challenges of our current pool as well as consider how to engage our residents in the dialogue.


Another objective is to consider if and how a collaborative approach to solving our aquatics challenges is practical.
There are obvious synergies with partnering on a facility- financing, operations and maintenance. Not so obvious is how to keep the access public. In exploring this for some time, there are many ways cities and YMCAs have collaborated around the country. We will have to discuss and determine how all of our city residents could access regardless of one’s socioeconomic standing. I look forward to working with our city council to explore a possible collaboration with this project.

The needs of our community have changed and therefore our thinking and acting must continue to adapt. I am thrilled Riverview and the John E. Alexander YMCA recognize that and are willing to partner to serve our community’s needs. I am hopeful this is first of many creative collaborations to make our community stronger.

Onward and upward,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Community Update – GIS, Clock Bell Tower and Business/Project Funding



GIS (Geographic Information System) Update

Earlier this year at my State-Of-The-City Address, I spoke of the need for creating a more efficient, streamlined and modernized city government.  I introduced GIS as a way to achieve these goals, through increased productivity and accuracy in our analysis of data. Last week, City staff were introduced to GIS applications being worked on by our GIS specialist Chris Cantey.  Chris has been working on two applications, one for internal use by City staff, and one of which is very close to being released to the public.

GIS, short for Geographic Information System- is the term given to technology used to collect, manage, and distribute information tied to locations by layering on a map-based environment. We’ve all heard the term “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  GIS is a great example of this saying as it combines the strength of visual communication with access to information and analytics.  GIS is a technology that can be utilized for cost savings, better decision-making and record-keeping.  Other municipalities around the country have been realizing the benefits geo-mapping (i.e., Madison, Marshfield), and to remain competitive, Wisconsin Rapids must also utilize GIS.  The application for use within the City of Wisconsin Rapids is significant.  The quality of life of residents depends greatly on the health and sustainability of our community.  From streets and underground utilities, to playgrounds and parks, all City departments provide services that residents use every day.  GIS can significantly aid in better decision making- often resulting in cost savings, while improving the delivery of services in the City, with greater accuracy and transparency in operations.

Across departments, the City depends on data to provide services to the community.  From utilizing GIS to better prepare for and organize the response to emergency situations, to using GIS technology to optimize community development of neighborhoods.  GIS even aids public works in planning for maintenance or the plowing of our city streets after a snow-storm.

In talking with departments regarding what residents often inquired about, it became clear to me that there GIS Example2were opportunities for disseminating information, available 24-7, to residents to provide answers to frequently asked questions, or information on road construction, brush pickup schedules and even locations of parks.  An example of GIS for public use could be similar to that of Wood County’s parcel information database where one can look up a property’s location as well as any regulatory influences and requirements associated with a parcel (i.e. being in a flood zone).  The GIS system could also be linked to permitting and to provide some history of a particular parcel.  There are also excellent applications for GIS to be integrated into our parks & trail system.  Using GIS, residents and visitors could easily pull up a map of City parks to view amenities at each, map out a bike ride or walking within our City, and even view historical markers or memorials located at points throughout the City.  As with the internal GIS app, the possibilities of information we can provide on the public facing GIS application are endless.  As we finalize our GIS website, we want to know from you what functionality you’d like integrated.  If you have information that you wish was available online, please contact me or any City department to share your idea.  Watch for an update on our roll-out of the City’s GIS website in the coming weeks!  

Restoring the Memorial Clock Bell Tower

photo 1One of the often admired historical landmarks within the City is the Memorial Clock and Bell Tower, located at Mead Rapids View Park.  With construction wrapping up near the park and planned enhancements to the park’s space coming in the near future, I met with City staff and stakeholders to inspect the clock’s condition both on the outside and mechanically.

The memorial clock and bell has a rich history with our City, originally part of the Grand Rapids joint City Hall and Library built in 1892 and located at 1st and Baker St..  When Grand Rapids and Centralia consolidated in 1900, City Hall moved to the west side and the library remained in the 1st and Baker St. building until 1947 when it moved to the former home of Isaac and Charlotte Witter on 3rd Street (that home now houses the South HiWood County Historical Museum).  When the library moved, the “clock and bell location” was used by the Wisconsin Rapids School District until the building was demolished in 1957.  Prior to the building being demolished, Paul Gross worked with the City to save the clock and bell, storing it at the City Garage until a committee chose its new location in a tower at Mead Rapids View Park.  The funding to construct the tower and locate the clock and bell there was completed in 1990, with construction concluding in 1991.  Now, almost 25 years later, we saw fit to inspect the landmark structure to ensure its’ condition and functionality is in good order –(history of clock and bell tower provided by Philip M. Brown).

photo 3As a result of our inspection, I am happy to report that we are exploring options to  improve the actual clock mechanism to continue the clock’s functionality for years to come. Repairs to the lighting operation, clock mechanism and the surrounding grounds are in order. With historical significance and prominence in our community, I am happy to see steps being taken to preserve the clock bell tower, restore its operability and ensure its place in our City for generations to come.

New and Existing Business Loan Availability and Project Grant Opportunities

Whether you are an existing or prospective business, or an individual with an idea for improvements to our community and need funding, there are solutions in our area for funding ideas and ventures:

For prospective and existing businesses in our area, the Central Wisconsin Economic Development (CWED) Revolving Loan Fund makes funds available for supporting business growth in our region.  With a goal of serving as an economic stimulus for Central Wisconsin, $2.7 million is available to fund new and existing businesses looking to for start-up or expansion.  The funds are made available with the objective of creating new and diverse jobs, increasing incomes, and leveraging bank financing- all leading to an expansion of the region’s tax base.  The result of this expansion has the potential to be significant: a positive and proactive business climate, encouraging the expansion of existing businesses and helping to attract new businesses- all leading to a diverse mix of employment opportunities.  To learn more about the CWED fund, visit this link.

“What if?”  Do you or someone you know want to bring people together around an idea?  Incourage Community Foundation has recently launched “What-If” grants to assist resident-led projects that bring people together to move a good idea into action in the south Wood County area. Recent examples are the Community Fundraising Resource Center, the Flowering of Grand Avenue and the Ben Hanson Park Boat Landing Study.  To learn more about philanthropic support provided by Incourage, visit this link.

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Community Update – Hail Damage Resources, Call for Crossing Guards and Community Picnic



McMillan Library Read-a-Thon

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the first Read-a-Thon that was held at our publicreadathon library. The event ran from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and had participants of a wide variety of ages. It served as a reminder that, while we should be out enjoying the nice weather being active outside; we should, on not-so-great weather days, remember to pick up a book. I appreciated the invitation to bring a book and read with residents! Roscoe and Miss Wisconsin Rapids were also in attendance during the day.  For more information on upcoming library programs, visit the library’s “upcoming events” page here.

Hail Storm – After Storm Resources

Now a week after the hail storm passed through leaving many with hail damage to their homes, vehicles and businesses, many in our community are in the process of determining and recovering from damage sustained.  I strongly urge those of you who are contacted to not jump too quickly in agreeing to roof replacements, dent repairs, etc. and to make sure that the business is reputable before agreeing or exchanging money for repairs or replacements.  To help aid in the process of selecting the right contractor for repairs, the City is providing several resources to help make an informed decision.

As with the last storm, the City is requiring out-of-town or transient merchants to be registered with the City to solicit business door-to-door. To view an official city statement from my office on the matter, please visit this link.  Additionally, a brochure on consumer tips for contractor repair can be viewed here, and a list of out-of-town contractors registered with the City of Wisconsin Rapids can be found here.

Call for Crossing Guards/ Walking School Bus

CrossingguardAs we begin August already (where did the summer go?), families in Wisconsin Rapids once again begin preparing for the upcoming school year.  As our community gets ready to send children back to the classroom, don’t forget those who help get them there safely.

Our community’s school crossing guards are an extremely important part of many youth’s commute to school.  These public servants are extremely dedicated, spending many mornings and afternoons ensuring the safety of some of our most important citizens – children.  Depending on the school schedule, these wonderful people are out, often braving the variable elements of weather and making sure that our area’s kids get across the streets safely.

The City of Wisconsin Rapids has 11 crossing locations throughout the City requiring crossing guards in ensuring a safe crossing by students and WE NEED YOU.  Currently, there are unfilled positions for 3 crossing guards for the upcoming school year, with the risk of suspending those crossing locations if no hires are made.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a School Crossing Guard and working at one of the 11 crossing locations in the City, please apply!  Being a crossing guard is an extremely rewarding position, and a great opportunity to give back to the community by ensuring the safety of the children getting to and from school.  To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the City’s Employment Page.

Additionally, a “Walking School Bus” program was established in the City of Wisconsin Rapids by the Safe Routes To School Program  to provide a way for a group of children to walk with two or more adults on a “route” to safely get to school.  The Walking School Bus is an excellent opportunity for children within walking distance to school to arrive at school safely, under adult supervision.  On a broader level, the Walking School Bus program enhances children’s well being, eases traffic congestion near schools and improves community members’ overall quality of life.  If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Walking School Bus, please contact Bev Ghiloni, the Safe Routes to School Coordinator. I have enjoyed the visits with students on my shifts of walking school bus and know the many other volunteers agree!

Ribbon Cutting at River Wood Apartments

ribboncuttingRecently, I joined the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and CAP Services staff at River Wood Apartments for a ribbon cutting and open house.  CAP Services served as the project developer and property manager for the new development which hosts 38 units in six buildings.  A write-up for the ribbon cutting and open house event can be found here.

Community Picnic

This Wednesday, August 6, you are invited to join residents from communities in South Wood County to Community Picnicattend the 3rd annual Community Picnic at  Lake Wazeecha’s Red Sands Beach from 4:30PM-8:00PM.  Hosted by Incourage Community Foundation, this event provides an opportunity for people to come together to celebrate living in South Wood County.  You can view a map of the location by visiting this link.  The event is free and aims to highlight what we have as a community- beautiful natural resources and other local assets: food, people and talent- so spread the word to friends and neighbors- I’ll see you there!

Thank you for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink