Breakfast Before Business- Launch of GYBO with Google


Get Your Business Online with Google

DSC_1907This morning, more than 50 individuals representing Wisconsin Rapids area businesses joined me for “Breakfast Before Business” to formally kick-off the Get Your Business Online initiative in the City of Wisconsin Rapids. Their attendance speaks volume of the importance of the initiative- that in 2014, it’s vital that businesses large and small have an online presence. The role of the city and purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the importance of being online. I am appreciative that Solarus’ Medishower, who has made significant broadband fiber investments in recent years, co-sponsored the breakfast. Solarus recognizes their investment is an asset only when businesses in our community ‘get online’. Solarus now has the capability of providing Gigabit speeds in our community!

The breakfast served as the formal launch of the initiative during Google’s National Get Your Business Online Week. All week long, Google has Photo by David Farmbroughbeen hosting live webinars, access to additional resources and live help to those looking for additional assistance with developing their online presence. All of these resources are also available on their website to view, even after the completion of the week’s activities.

Getting Wisconsin Rapids’ businesses online will take time- and that is why we are planning this year long initiative- and further, is why I need your help. Businesses of all sizes need to be where their customers are and in 2014, it is online. Businesses not online are at a disadvantage. If you know other businesses who would benefit from getting an online presence, please share this post or the information presented to them.

The handouts from this morning can be accessed here:

1) Website Design

2) Google+ and Increasing your online presence

TodaDSC_1965y’s events were captured by River Cities Community Media, and will be broadcast on their YouTube Site for those who could not attend. I’d like to stress that this is just the first event in what will be a year-long initiative to work with our local businesses to get online. I am excited to see our local businesses grow with the use of these tools and those by our local providers. It’s time to get our City’s businesses online!

Finally I’d like to thank our local partners in this initiative as we all know it takes a team; the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce and North Central Community Action Services.

Statistics show that businesses online are 2x more likely to create jobs. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in helping ensure our local businesses get online, gain more customers, and hire more people!

Mayor Zach

View the PSA for the initiative here.


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