$25,000 from CN will ‘seed’ Mayor’s Beautification Initiative


I am thrilled to announce that the City of Wisconsin Rapids was successful in it’s pursuit of $25,000 from CN. The money will be used to purchase trees and related shrubbery for the City’s public spaces, as part of the Mayor’s Council on Beautification Initiative, first announced at my 2014 State of the City Address, with an initial meeting on March 25th at 4:30pm.

Kevin Soucie, CN US Government Affairs presents the check to the city March 18th, 2014

Kevin Soucie, CN US Government Affairs presents the check to the city March 18th, 2014

CN’s funding opportunity aligned well with my community initiative on beautification and sustainability. CN focuses its funding by supporting three main areas in municipalities: safety and sustainability; transportation education; and diversity. The funding received for the City’s beautification initiative falls under the safety and sustainability category.

The City applied for the grant because of the desire for Wisconsin Rapids to remain a Tree City, along with the desire of residents to plant trees and shrubbery for beautification and environmental purposes.  I felt this funding opportunity was a perfect match to ‘seed’ our Mayor’s Council on Beautification.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the City’s ‘living environment’ for residents as it relates to a place where people want to start or grow a business. Often times, the two priorities are interconnected.Mayor Vruwink Accepts the Check on behalf of the city

By enhancing our living environment and building on our assets, the quality of life for residents and visitors increases, leading to greater satisfaction and pride in our community. For this reason, we recognize that an emphasis on beautification can provide tangible results with positive impacts on the community.

The Mayor’s Council on Beautification serves as another opportunity for residents to get involved. Residents have told me they would like the city to consider beautification as a means to be more attractive. This group will do just that. It is through grant opportunities such as this one from CN the group will have financial resources to accomplish their goal of a more beautiful city.

All residents and visitors will benefit from the beautification initiative. The contribution compliments future Love your Block neighborhood revitalization efforts building pride residents have in their neighborhoods.

Residents wishing to participate in the Mayor’s Council on Beautification and Sustainability may contact the me directly at zvruwink@wirapids.org.  The initial meeting will take place on Tuesday March 25th in the City Hall First Floor Conference room at 4:30pm. Questions about this grant can be directed to the Mayor’s office by phone (715-421-8216) or email (nflanagan@wirapids.org).  Please visit www.wirapids.org for more information.

In closing, the success of this funding opportunity demonstrates the importance for the mayor and city to continue to build relationships and partnerships outside the city to improve our city.  I appreciate the City Council’s willingness to support our pursuit of this funding opportunity requiring no additional expenses to the city.

Mayor Zach Vruwink


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