Aquatics Presentation, Verso, Wisconsin Rapids Ranked for Teachers, 50th Annual Water Ski Show and Housing Study Survey Winners Announced



Aquatics Presentation

Next Tuesday, July 26th @ 6pm in the Library Auditorium, a presentation will be made on the aquatics options from which the City will consider to invest in. This is an important moment in our present-day discussions related to public aquatics for our residents. Mark your calendar!!

Aquatics Presentation NoticeThe community has long been faced with the imminent end-of-life reality of public pools serving our region. When the we met with the State agency that issues pool licenses  (DSPS) after the season ended last year, we were notified that a much more thorough review was going to be done on Mead Pool due to imminent health and safety concerns. Their analysis concluded a major overhaul to the pool deck, underground piping and others would be necessary to have a conditional pool permit issued for 2016 operation. At this time City Staff and the Council opted to pursue a long term solution- a new facility. At the same time, the city had been discussing possible partnership opportunities with the YMCA on an indoor aquatic option through their Wisconsin Rapids expansion. In recent months, the city has contracted with Burbach Aquatics to consider general scoping of an outdoor aquatic facility. I am pleased to share both of these options are now ready for public presentation. In the time following next week’s public presentation, the City- its Council Members and myself will be listening to your options as it weighs an option to head. Following a period of public comment, the council may consider a direction at it’s August 16th Council Meeting. This isn’t a meeting where a final design or concept will be made, but merely a general direction. I hope to see you Tuesday night!

Verso Emerges from Bankruptcy

VersoIn a welcome dose of news last Friday: Verso Corporation, North America’s producer of printing and specialty papers and pulp, announced that it has emerged from bankruptcy following a successful financial restructuring. This restructuring substantially reduced the company’s debt, and includes financing to support ongoing operations and capital investment. Verso news release, here.

What is so significant about this turnaround is how relatively quickly it came about – less than six months after Verso’s Chapter 11 filings. The willingness of the company’s lenders to continue investing in its operations demonstrates their confidence in Verso’s long-term growth potential, and should serve as a source of optimism for an industry that remains very challenged.

The success of the restructuring also is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our community’s workforce, who continued to demonstrate our area’s enduring work ethic throughout the process. Verso has nearly 1000 team-members in the Wisconsin Rapids area.

Verso is now in a position to capitalize on previous operational improvements, pursue new strategic initiatives and effectively compete on a worldwide basis. As Mayor, I am excited about the opportunities our City has to work with Verso to help to ensure its continued success.

Wisconsin Rapids Ranked in Top 60 of 900+ Communities Among “Best Cities for Teachers to Live and Work

As Mayor of Wisconsin Rapids, it gave me great pride to hear about a report that ranks the Wisconsin Rapids-Marshfield area 57th out of more than 900 U.S. communities on the job and lifestyle opportunities they provide for K-12 teachers.

wr-arial-001.jpgData analysts from college and careers website GoodCall evaluated these U.S. metro and micro areas on the basis of four criteria:

  • Affordability – Local teacher salaries weighed with local housing costs
  • Job Competition – Current open teacher job positions weighed with the number of resumés 
posted for hire
  • School Ratings – Ratings for school districts within each metro area
  • Lifestyle – The number of local restaurant, arts and entertainment amenities per capita is a website designed to help families and their children make educated financial decisions by providing objective information on everything from college rankings to financial aid. Carrie Wiley, who contributed to the report, said, “We set out to identify which parts of the U.S. are particularly teacher-friendly so that new teachers entering the field and those who are looking to relocate know which cities offer them the best backdrop for their career.”

Overall, the results suggest a smaller metro area such as Wisconsin Rapids may be the ideal environment for K-12 teachers who desire a strong community and an affordable lifestyle.

While teaching is recognized as one of the most demanding professions, it is also, according to teachers, one of the most rewarding, due to its effect on students’ lives. Competitive salaries, great schools, an active social-recreational scene and affordable housing can make the difference in attracting such dedicated professionals. Our recently completed Housing Study and Needs Assessment Report reinforces our need to explore and act upon solutions to increase or adapt more quality and affordable single-, two- and multi-family housing options, to retain our status as an appealing choice for educational professionals.

50th Annual Wisconsin State/Regional Water Ski Show Championships Start Thursday

I heartily invite everyone this week to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Wisconsin State/Regional Water Ski Show Championships. This fun and exciting sporting event takes place July 21-24, at South Wood County Park’s Red Sands Beach on Lake Wazeecha.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.06.31 AMThe Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers Waterski Show Team has hosted this tourney since 1967. The competition is well known in the show skiing world and draws performers statewide who are attracted by the scenic atmosphere and excellent facilities.

Because we do expect many out-of-town visitors during this week, I ask that all residents do what they can to maintain and display our best “warm and welcoming” hospitality.

Housing Study Survey Winners Announced

When the City of Wisconsin Rapids conducted its Housing Study and Needs Assessment late last year, we offered an incentive for residents to provide their feedback: Automatic entry into a drawing to win a Visa gift card from the City of Wisconsin Rapids and Paper City Savings Bank.

It is my pleasure to announce that, out of more than 700 survey respondents, the selection of three winners, all from Wisconsin Rapids: $100 winner Leah Kramer; and $50 winners Candis Challoner and Ronald Rasmussen. Congratulations!

We thank Leah, Candis, Ronald and all other respondents for helping us to identify issues, opportunities and recommendations that can guide our City in developing affordable and comfortable housing options. The full report can be found here.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Aquatics Presentation, Aspirus Riverview Invests in Future, Kwik Trip Development Update



Aspirus Riverview Invests in Healthier Future for Our Community

During my 2015 State of the City address, I shared a view on a “healthy” community – healthy from economic, governmental and citizen engagement points of view. On June 30 of this year, I was excited by the announcement of a literal display of community health: One of our community’s most visible institutions, Aspirus Riverview Hospital and Clinics, revealed investments it will make over the next two years to meet the growing health care needs of the community and ensure that patients continue to benefit from state-of-the-art care.

The organization will spend $25 million to pay for a new and larger emergency department and a new family birthplace center, with groundbreaking expected by early 2017. Aspirus Riverview will also remodel its facility to house a new cardiovascular institute by the end of this year, and to provide extra clinic space for more specialists by next year.

Aspirus’ announcement is great news for our community on many fronts. The most obvious benefit, of course, will be expanded access to quality health care for area residents. This also means that more health care spending will remain in our immediate area and people will receive care closer to home. In addition, we expect to see an increase in direct construction jobs, as well as new, long-term permanent employment.

This investment is a testament to Aspirus’ commitment to our community. As Mayor, I thank the organization and its leadership for demonstrating its confidence in the strides Wisconsin Rapids is taking to become recognized as a vibrant and prosperous city.

Kwik Trip Development Moves Forward with Permit Approval

In what I would call a classic example of balancing community and commercial interests, plans moved forward on June 21 for a new Kwik Trip development project. The Wisconsin Rapids City Council approved a revised Planning Commission conditional use permit proposal that added 18 new conditions designed to address health, safety and welfare concerns of neighborhood residents. The convenience store-gas station-car wash complex will be located along East Riverview Expressway, between Lincoln Street and Sixth Street South. City of Wisconsin Rapids Planning Commission meeting video from June 13, here.

 Changes incorporated into the permit proposal included the construction of a six-foot fence along 6th Street, rather than the installation of landscaping and berm; and a City staff recommendation to move the proposed car wash away from 6th Street and closer to the store itself, to mitigate potential traffic and noise issue.

Recognizing also that intersection safety is of primary importance to the community, City staff and elected officials required Kwik Trip to hire a professional engineering firm to conduct a traffic impact analysis. This analysis then had to be reviewed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), City staff and an outside engineering firm contracted by the City.

Review of the traffic impact analysis by the City Engineering Department and WisDOT, along with meetings with necessary stakeholders and officials, were completed over the last several weeks.

A final draft of the traffic analysis review and resulting development agreement for any necessary intersection improvements was considered at Public Works Committee Tuesday and will be considered at next week’s Council meeting. Given the input of engineers who possess years of experience permitting, planning and overseeing such projects, I am pleased that the impact analysis and each party’s respective review has done much to clarify specific concerns and issues about safety. With that said, the city remains concerned and will continue to analyze the traffic issues south of the Expressway- at Lincoln & Daly.

It should be noted that, even though it has approved a development that is appropriate for the area, the plans must comply with the conditions established. Any further impacts will need to be worked out before a permit issued.

I thank everyone who weighed in on the proposal by Kwik Trip and for their interest in our community. Their willingness to agree to a variety of conditions demonstrates their desire to be a positive development partner with the City of Wisconsin Rapids, to expand its business profile while injecting jobs and dollars into the area.

Mark your calendar!!

The City is pleased to share options to invest in aquatics for generations to come! Tuesday, July 26 at 6pm in the Library Fine Arts Center (Theatre). The event will also be recorded and replayed on Wisconsin Rapids Community Media. (formerly RCCA)

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Recycling Process Brings “Green” Convenience, National Guard and Reserve Black Hawk “Bosslift” Lifts Spirits



Updated Recycling Process Brings “Green” Convenience

The City of Wisconsin Rapids City Council recently approved updating our recycling program to a single-stream, automated process that is more convenient for property owners, efficient, cost effective and sustainable.

photo 2Expected to begin January 3, 2017, recycling trucks will directly pick up recycling carts with a mechanical arm. Based upon the experience of many other cities and counties that for years have successfully employed automated recycling collection. This service should be prevent accidental littering from recyclable materials blowing out of bins and/or the recycling truck; and result in more materials being recycled. In addition, residents will no longer need to separate paper from other types of recyclables.

Automated collection also is much safer for collection workers and provides a cleaner “look” in neighborhoods when compared to manual collection.

Recycle binsThis fall, the City will deliver – at no direct cost to residents – a 96-gallon recycling cart on wheels with an attached lid to developed residential properties. The 96-gallon roll cart is very easy to maneuver and will allow you to load large amounts of recyclables without having to break items down into a more compact size. A 96-gallon cart holds approximately five times as much as a single 18-gallon recycling container and takes up about the same floor space as two 18-gallon recycling bins.

The City also offers an option, by resident request, to deliver a 48-gallon cart for residents who have a specific need for a smaller cart.

Carts loaded with recyclables are on display in the lobby of City Hall, allowing you to take a look and move the carts around before making your decision.

Director of Public Works Joe Terry recently mailed to City residents a letter announcing the new process, along with a Frequently Asked Questions flyer to address handling and storage concerns.

We are pleased to move to single-stream recyclable collection. This process represents the latest of City government efforts to deliver services in a manner that enhances the lives of our citizens and the livability of our community. See answers to FAQ here.

Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserves “Bosslift” Lifts Patriotic Spirits

As our City celebrated another 4th of July observance in spectacular fashion, the occasion too, serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and hard work of the uniformed men and women who protect our freedoms.

Thanks to Street Department employee and active National Guard service member First Sergeant (1SG) Sean Ringer, I recently was honored to experience the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of riding in a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, during the June 14 “Bosslift” to Fort McCoy. This event thanks Wisconsin employers who go the “extra mile” to support employees who remain on call for duty with the National Guard and National Reserve.

First Sergeant Ringer nominated the City through the U.S. Defense Department’s Employees Supporting the Guard and Reserves (ESGR) program to represent our support of military service members. ESGR promotes cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers, and helps to resolve conflicts arising from an employee’s military commitment.

Fellow employers and I boarded at Appleton, Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee or Wausau, and then shared the thrilling privilege of traveling aboard the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. This four-bladed, twin-engine utility helicopter boasts a proud history of service, dating from its 1979 introduction as the U.S. Army’s tactical transport helicopter. Advanced variants have since been deployed for Army electronic warfare and special operations; in U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard missions; and during action in Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan and a variety of sites in the Middle East.

After arriving at Fort McCoy, I had the opportunity to observe firsthand what 1SG Ringer does while fulfilling his training obligations. During a day when 1SG Ringer was conducting collective training, we had time to get together and share the occasion.

Bosslift is an experience I will long remember – not only as a personal honor, but also as a vivid reminder of the character, courage and intelligence embodied by our military. As a City and employer, we salute and will always support the service of individuals such as 1SG Ringer and other city employees past and present, who contribute to the betterment of our community and our nation with dedication and pride.

For more, see this article from Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office, here.

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Housing Study and Needs Assessment Final Report, Fourth of July Fireworks info



Housing Study and Needs Assessment Final Report Pinpoints Priorities for our City

As your Mayor, I was gratified that the City of Wisconsin Rapids on June 21 marked an important milestone toward our goal of understanding and ultimately meeting immediate and future housing needs. That evening, planning and community development consultant Vierbicher Associates presented the final report of the Housing Study and Needs Assessment to both the public and to the City Common Council at City Hall.Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.21.40 AM

This study was conducted late last year to evaluate how this community’s existing housing stock meets current housing demand, and what changes may be necessary to meet future needs by filling housing gaps and establishing priorities for project funding.

Based upon input provided by more than 700 survey respondents out of some 900 contacted – an exceptional response rate – the report outlines issues, opportunities and recommendations that can guide our City in developing adequate, affordable and comfortable housing options.

For me, the major survey findings spotlighted the following community needs:
Increasing or adapting more quality and affordable single, two-family and multifamily housing options for owners and renters;
Emphasizing housing options for millennial job seekers, young families and empty-nesters; and
Developing a communications strategy to combat misconceptions about the need and quality of senior citizen housing.

The summary conclusion that more affordable housing options should be a priority issue is borne out by responses from renters. These residents stated that their largest barriers to purchasing a home are the inability to afford a down payment and existing debts.

The report also reinforced our drive for Downtown revitalization. As Vierbacher pointed out in response to questions from Alderman Dolan and me, empty-nesters and millennials would be prime candidates for condominium and townhouse dwellings in our Riverfront area. Fulfilling these needs, in turn, would inspire residents to stay longer, helping to create a community ”identity” that would spur even more residential demand.

Overall, the findings demonstrate that much work remains to be done to achieve a housing environment that is truly comprehensive and appealing for current residents, and for future generations to come. Collaboration among government, businesses, non-profit organizations and community members is crucial to our success.

Because our city is situated among similar-sized municipalities, the Housing Study and Needs Assessment compared housing supply and demand in Wisconsin Rapids with Marshfield, Plover and Stevens Point. This comparative analysis considered, among other data, age and employment, family size and income, residency/vacancy trends, sales figures, and single- and multi-family residence availability. The researchers incorporated data derived from sources such as the City of Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County, the State of Wisconsin, the U.S. Census Bureau and multiple listing services.

City Director of Planning and Economic Development Adam Tegen, who oversaw this project, specifically noted the widespread response to survey interviewers. He also recognized Vierbacher for the degree of detail presented in its final report – the culmination of nine months of work.

Using this report as a guide, we can move forward together, as a city, to address these issues and transform them into opportunities for a more prosperous community.

Complete results of the City of Wisconsin Rapids Housing Study and Needs Assessment, can be found here and a video presentation.

Independence Day Celebration

This Monday, July 4, marks the return of the popular City of Wisconsin Rapids Fourth of July Independence Day Fireworks Display – widely recognized as one of the most unique, colorful and explosive shows in the entire State. The show begins at approximately 9:30 p.m., along the shores of the beautiful Wisconsin River, in Downtown Rapids.

Members of the Teen Fireworks Committee, who diligently work to raise all the money to put on this event, have the richly deserved honor of launching the show with the ceremonial lighting of the first shot.

The show may be viewed along most of the riverbank, except for the launch zone on the western bank of the river, from the foot of the Grand Avenue Bridge to south of the Moravian Church.IMG_7266 Combined with other activities that bring our City to life during the July Fourth holiday period, the Fireworks Display brings our community together and helps pull in many out-of-town visitors each year – so it’s important to plan ahead.

For more information on logistics and safety reminders, visit:

Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration!

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Mayor’s Youth Council Aquatics Survey Results, New Media Studio opens at McMillan Memorial Library



Mayor’s Youth Council Aquatics Survey Results

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.45.30 AMOne of my proudest moments as Mayor of Wisconsin Rapids was the formation of the Mayor’s Youth Council in 2015. The Youth Council is a way to get young people from Lincoln, Assumption, and East Junior high schools to take ownership of their community’s future by getting involved in City government and planning neighborhood projects, such as the ”Kids to Park Day” event held this past June 18. Kids to Park Day, associated with National Park Trust and the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative, was an event held to encourage kids and families to get out to local or national parks and play. This year was record breaking with over 1,100 events taking place across all 50 states.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.59.07 PMThe Mayor’s Youth Council also recently reached out to area youth  with a survey to get their perspective on a pressing community issue: aquatics. The survey reached a total of 515 students, ranging from 13 to 18 years of age and from ninth to twelfth grades.

Major findings show:

  • 87 percent of survey respondents thought it was an “excellent” or “very good” idea to build a new pool to replace Mead Pool.
  • 87 percent thought is was “very likely “ or “somewhat likely” they would use an indoor aquatics facility.
  • 81 percent felt that way about an outdoor facility; and• Given a choice of facility locations, a substantial majority of 63 percent chose a location at Witter Field.

In addition, the young respondents voted by percentages of more than 70 percent in favor of facility features such as a wave pool/machine, slides, diving boards and concessions. By conducting this survey of their peers, the Mayor’s Youth Council has again demonstrated how our area’s young people can play a vital role in shaping a vibrant future for our community.

Survey results here.

New Media Studio opens at McMillan Memorial Library with Ribbon Cutting

Digital Lab

Libraries are more than just a place to read books and magazines, they provide for new and exciting technical opportunities for all ages.  McMillan Memorial Library, recently opened their new Media Lab, that represents a huge leap forward in inspiring area residents of all ages to become more familiar with technology and, ultimately, more creative in using its tools for personal expression, career development and community involvement.

Ribbon Cuttling libraryResidents celebrated the grand opening at a ribbon cutting celebration that took place on on June 15. The Media Lab is a “geek’s” paradise, with digital video and photography equipment, 3-D printers, scanners, a green screen, and a sound studio, among many other state-of-the-art features for creative expression. The space is free to use and open to the public. The only charges are
costs for anything printed through the photo printer, 3-D printing or film.

McMillan Memorial Library Assistant Director Brian Kopetsky has been a prime influence on conception and ongoing growth of the studio; he applied for and received partial funding from a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and oversees its operation.

In addition, Tom Loucks, coordinator for River Cities Community Access Media, a Department  of the City, is on the steering committee for the Lab, and has signed on as an instructor for children, teens and adults who are willing to learn more about video and post-production techniques. One goal is to encourage more people to get involved in their community by getting out and possibly filming these events.  

The McMillan Memorial Library Media Lab provides a source of expression that is unique so be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading,

Mayor Zach Vruwink


Housing Study Presentation


Invitation- Housing Study Report Presentation

I invite community members to join me and other City officials at City Hall for a special presentation of the Housing Study and Needs Assessment Final Report tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21, at 5 p.m.

Planning and community development consultant Vierbicher Associates will highlight challenges, opportunities and recommendations related to Wisconsin Rapids’ housing – specifically, their analysis of how effectively existing housing meets community needs and anticipating future housing needs.

A shortened version of the presentation will be provided to the City Common Council during its meeting, which begins at 6 p.m.

Please attend as we share the results of this study, which marks an important milestone in our goal of meeting the immediate and future housing needs of our community!

The full report is available at and a recording of the event will be made available in the near future.

Community Update – Youth Set Kids to Parks Day, Cranberry Blossom Fest Activities, Recycling Rangers Support Community Beautification Efforts



Youth Set Kids to Parks Day

This Saturday, June 18, members of the Mayor’s Youth Council invite you to attend a special community event designed to inspire residents of all ages to participate in a grassroots movement to discover America’s parks through play.

13346963_1040222296030936_2344153230500963719_nKids to Parks Day runs from 1:30-3:30 p.m.,  at Robinson Park. All are invited to start their day of play there, and then venture out to all of our community’s other outdoor spaces throughout the day. Activities and refreshments will be available.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.54.54 AMI recently proclaimed Kids to Parks day in Wisconsin Rapids, and I encourage local citizens to participate by exploring our expansive acres of city parks and miles of trails.

The Mayor’s Youth Council planned this event to commemorate National Park Trust’s sixth annual Kids to Parks Day, celebrated nationally on May 21. Like Wisconsin Rapids, other cities across the nation are committing to a simple motto: “Active kids are healthy kids,” and encouraging their residents to use Kids to Parks Day as the first of many days spent outdoors, at local parks and recreation sites, to develop more active and healthy lifestyles.

For more information about our local Kids to Park Day, visit 

Blossom Fest Events and Activities

As Mayor of Wisconsin Rapids, I take special pride in welcoming the summer season by spotlighting our area’s annual Cranberry Blossom Festival. The 2016 Blossom Fest begins this Thursday and runs through Sunday, June 19. As always, this occasion offers something for every member of the family – more than 20 events, featuring live music, arts and crafts, tasty foods and a spectacular parade.

CranberryThese are a few of my favorite events:

  • Downtown Classic Cinema Under the Stars View a family classic  Thursday, June 16, on West Grand Avenue.
  • June Dairy & Berry Breakfast Dig into a pancake banquet, Friday, June 17, at Lincoln High School.
  • Friends of Rapids Music – Music Festival Jam with seven local bands, Saturday, June 18, at Robinson Park.
  • Arts, Crafts and Cranberries Fair; Festival Eats and Treats; and “Cruise In” Car Show Experience a feast for the senses, Saturday, June 18, at Witter Field.
  • Cranberry Blossom Festival Carnival – Enjoy rides, games and food, Friday-Sunday, June 17-19, at Witter Field.
  • Cranberry Blossom Fest Parade – Take in our annual pageant of civic pride, Sunday, June 19, along Grand Avenue.

To find complete details about all events and activities, visit I look forward to seeing you June 16-19!

Recycling Rangers Support Community Beautification Efforts

Clean GreenAs we continue to embrace our vision of a city that attracts and retains talented people and thriving businesses, I am encouraged by the efforts of local citizens to make our community as attractive as possible. Dedicated members of the Mayor’s Beautification Council, for example, have enhanced our City’s “eye appeal” by cleaning up neighborhoods, hanging flower baskets and coordinating the sales of trees to individual homeowners.

Another group that successfully strives to nurture our area’s image as a desirable place to live, work and play is Clean Green Action.  This grassroots environmental group engages in projects such as recycling campaigns and preparing grant applications for environmental initiatives (such as the designation of Wisconsin Rapids as a “Bird City”).

In addition, CGA organizes and deploys Recycling Rangers – residents who volunteer to help clean up before, during and after civic events. This summer offers several opportunities to help us put our best “face” forward to visitors – many of whom will be coming from beyond both state and national borders.

Special summer events include:

  • Ÿ Wisconsin Rapids Fourth of July Fireworks Display
  • Ÿ Wisconsin State Waterski Show, July 21-24
  • Ÿ Labor Day Celebration, September 5
  • Ÿ World Waterski Show, September 9-11
  • Ÿ Grand Avenue Grand Affair, September 11

For more information on how you can volunteer, contact Bill Clendenning at 715-323-5281, or Carol Davis at 715-459-6642. Or, you can sign up now by clicking here. If you have not shared the experience of being a Recycling Ranger, make it your goal to do so. As always, our City thanks you for your help. And if you know family, friends and associates who would be interested, please let them know how they can sign up. Many hands make light work!

Thank you for reading.

Mayor Zach Vruwink